Ideas That Hang…Promote…Sell

Hawaiian Tropic®attached instant redeemable coupon

Hawaiian Tropic wanted to attach instant redeemable coupons (IRCs) to packaging for its line of sunscreen in order to draw attention to new product launches and promotions. But it needed coupons it could apply more quickly and easily to the curved bottles.

Drawing from its experience printing on plastic, Do-It solved the problem with six PrinTab printed hang tabs in different shapes and sizes. The tear-off coupons were designed to be simple enough to work with Hawaiian Tropic’s automatic application system and be unobtrusive on their packaging, yet large enough to contain a printed, scanable bar code.

Although the curve of the bottles presented challenges, Do-It’s design solved the problem by using one band of adhesive to attach the coupon to the product horizontally rather than the previous paper booklet IRC, which used bands running vertically. The design worked better with
Hawaiian Tropic’s application equipment, and allowed the IRCs to adhere more securely.

In addition, Do-It printed the IRCs using its UV Flexo printing process, giving the coupons bolder, deeper, richer printing that makes them stand out against the product package.

The perforated IRCs allow the store clerk to simply tear off the top portion and scan the bar code on the back to deduct the coupon’s value from the purchase price. The imprinted bar code allows Hawaiian Tropic to better track its sales.