Ideas That Hang…Promote…Sell

More Labs offer retailers an additional display option with a Bandolier Strip from Do-It Corporation

Do-It Corporation’s 2-MDH Merchandising Display Strip is a unique, eye-catching method of getting your product noticed in any retail environment. It is a movable display that allows retailers the ability to cross-merchandise products where they will get noticed and bought. Retailers can hang this strip in the liquor aisle, in the pharmacy, or near check out — anywhere customers may notice the product.
More Labs selected Do-It’s 2-MDH bandolier strip to merchandise several of their products including their 3.4 fluid ounce Morning Recovery hangover prevention supplement.
This particular strip is printed on both sides to allow additional display flexibility. The strip can lay flat against a surface or intrude into the aisle and be seen from both directions.
The merchandising strip includes a large printed header area and intermittent messages in between products on the strip. This approach allows the strip to convey a key branding message while still allowing the product and brand to be visible during the entire sales cycle.
Do-It Corporation applied a white laminate to the 15 mil plastic just prior to digitally printing on the material — seamlessly color matching the strip with More Labs’ recognizable blue and yellow bottle colors.
The Do-It 2-MDH Merchandising Display Strip not only provides a visually unique method of displaying these bottle products it also offers retailers display options to get these products noticed, and sold.

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