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New Do-It Reinforcer Hang Tab helps Hang 3.5 LB bag of Washers

When GS Retailing Services needed to help their client find a way to securely hang a 3.5 pound bag of washers they found a solution with Do-It Corporation’s R-JAJ Reinforcer Hang Tab.

Studies have shown that customers avoid damaged or torn packaging. Do-It Reinforcers are ideal for cardboard header cards, plastic bags, and pouches. They help to eliminate torn header cards and improve existing packaging durability. This reduces product returns and lost sales due to damage. Reinforcers can also lower packaging costs by allowing manufacturers to use lighter packaging materials to support heavier products.

The two R-JAJ Reinforcers are almost completely unnoticeable on the clear bag of washers. Together they provide the needed extra support to cleanly hold the bag on the peg hooks until purchased.

GS Retailing