Ideas That Hang…Promote…Sell

New Top-Mount Flexible Hang Tab opens display options for Mentos Gum 2-Bottle Value Pack

Do-It Corporation’s new R-KHN Top Mount Hang Tab provides a number of benefits for Perfetti Van Melle’s Mentos Gum 2-Bottle Value Pack.
First, the R-KHN Hang Tab allows store personnel the ability to hang the Value Pack anywhere in a store. More display options means more opportunities for impulse purchases.
The R-KHN is the latest design addition to Do-It’s large selection of FlexiTab™ Hang Tabs. The R-KHN has a thicker hang hole area and a thinner adhesive area. This gives this hang tab the ability to stick well to this curved, uniquely shaped package. The R-KHN Hang Tab is mounted on the top of the two-pack of gum and the two flexible “arms” wrap along the side and conform to the shape of the over-wrapped package. Do-It’s HangTite™ 203N Adhesive tightly secures the hang tab to the overwrap.
Made from clear plastic and being top-mounted are two additional features of the R-KHN. The clear hang tab doesn’t block any brand or product information and by being mounted over the top of the package the R-KHN stays folded down during shipping. This allows Mentos to continue to use their existing master carton configuration for shipping. If the store personnel decide to hang the gum, they simply fold up the hang tab and hang on a peg hook. This hang tab allows the product to hang vertically, straight, and face-forward.
Perfetti Van Melle wanted to give its Mentos Gum 2-Bottle Value Pack a boost in stores throughout the United States. Do-It’s R-KHN Hang Tab elevates this package – both onto a peg hook and with increased impulse sales.