Ideas That Hang…Promote…Sell

Nuun and Do-It Team Up To Create Cross-Merchandising Opportunities

Competition for shelf space in stores these days is fierce. Brands need to come up with unique, eye-catching ideas to differentiate themselves from competitors and even other products.

A Do-It Display Strip allows brands to get their products off the shelf and hanging – where customers see and buy the product. Add a printed header and your brand gets reinforced during entire sales cycle.

For this project, Do-It Corporation provided a 2-MJD horizontal display strip and several digitally printed versions of a MLC Strip Header – each one focusing on a different Nuun product. Do-It color matched each header to each Nuun product line. Do-It also supplied the “S” Hook to hang the strips and the push pins to securely combine the header to the strip.

Do-It Display Strips make it easy to cross-merchandise. The Nuun products can be displayed anywhere in the store, but primarily near related products – like bottled water, sports drinks, or at check-out. Placing the product in prime locations throughout the store encourages impulse sales. The digitally printed header draws attention to the product, reinforces Nuun’s brand message, and even communicates key product information to the consumer.

This merchandise strip and printed header combo from Do-It makes it easy for Nuun products to be noticed in any busy store.