Ideas That Hang…Promote…Sell

Old Wisconsin uses unique Do-It Printed Header and Merchandising Strip to double its promotional opportunities

Do-It Merchandising Display Strips make it easy to cross-merchandise your products anywhere in a store. Combine the strip with a printed header and your product will get noticed and your brand message will be reinforced. Now, if you design the header to have a different message on the front than on the back, you have a retail display strip that can be targeted to specific markets within any store.
Old Wisconsin uses a Do-It 2-MBA20 Display Strip and 2-MLR Printed Header to get their Turkey Bites sausage snacks off the shelf and hanging where customers see, and buy the product. Use one side of the header and focus your message on entertaining with delicious turkey sausage snacks options from Old Wisconsin. Flip the header and target the customer that is looking for a quick snack that is high in protein. The score/fold line on the 2-MLR header allows Old Wisconsin to take this unique approach to marketing their Turkey Bites snacks.
The 2-MLR also has two strips of adhesive to securely attached to the 2-MBA20 display strip. Simply fold the header, pull off the liner paper, and attach the header to the strip. The folded 2-MLR header doubles the hanging strength of the header. Together, the header and the strip is basically a small display that can be placed anywhere in the store.
Do-It’s 2-MBA20 Display Strip and the 2-MLR. Double the strength. Double the message. Increase brand awareness — and ultimately, increase impulse sales.

Old Wisconsin