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Printed Do-It Strip Helps Outstanding Foods Stand Out

Getting your product noticed the busy chip or snack food aisle is the key to succeeding in today’s hyper competitive categories. In an effort to get their products noticed more, Outstanding Foods turned to Do-It Corporation for a printed merchandising display strip. Do-It’s 2-MBS Display Strip makes it easy for consumers to find Outstanding Foods nutritious, plant-based, protein snacks in any crowded store aisle. Printed with Outstanding Foods branding and vibrant colors and hanging eight, 1.25 ounce snack bags this large strip makes a strong visual impact and easily grabs your attention. The digitally printed, full-color strip is essentially a movable display. This allows retailers to cross-merchandise these bags of snacks in a variety of places like the chip aisle, the beverage aisle, or at check-out. Do-It Printed Display Strips are designed to enhance visibility, reinforce your company’s branding and help your product stand out in any store. Do-It has a range of printing capabilities and design options to ensure that your product display captures the attention of shoppers.