Ideas That Hang…Promote…Sell

Uncle Bill’s Foods uses Do-It Adhesive Display Strip to promote its Hand Spun, Old Fashion Cotton Candy

Do-It Adhesive Display Strips are ideal for hanging lightweight products. That’s why, when Uncle Bill’s Foods was looking to hang its 1.80-ounce bag of Cotton Candy, Do-It’s 2-M8014 Adhesive Display Strip with six product positions was an ideal option. The 1.375-inch wide by 19.75-inch long strip has six (6) evenly positioned adhesive locations. Each adhesive location is .5-inch tall and the full width of the strip. This provides an abundance of adhesive to securely hold the product. Do-It’s HangTite™ 203A Adhesive allows the foil bag to be removed and replaced several times before showing any reduction in hanging performance. This display strip is designed to encourage impulse sales. Whether the cotton candy is positioned in the candy aisle, near checkout counters or endcaps, this is a surefire method to create promotional merchandising opportunities, garner attention, and generate impulse sales.

Uncle Bill's Cotton Candy