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Unique Do-It Display Strip Panel helps Scotch Tape Cross-Merchandise during the Holiday Season

Anticipating a busy holiday season, 3M needed to prepare for the extra demand of its Scotch Brand Gift Wrap Tape. Do-It Corporation worked closely with the contract packager, PAC Worldwide, to design and produce a display strip panel that would meet the demand of 3M and their customers. The result is a large display strip panel than can hang up to twenty 2-Packs of Scotch Gift Wrap Tape. Developed primarily to cross-merchandise with gift wrap floor displays, this strip can be easily moved to be displayed anywhere in the store. Do-It’s interlocking finger design at each hang position allow this strip to be preloaded and shipped to the store. All store personnel have to do is to determine where to display the strip for maximum sales. Do-It also provided the S-hooks to hang the strips on the gift wrap cardboard display or at any location in the store. All Do-It Display Strips are designed to encourage impulse sales. Whether with the seasonal items or in the office supply department this particular display strip is an excellent method to create promotional merchandising opportunities, garner attention, and increase sales.

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