Ideas That Hang…Promote…Sell

Unique Do-It Hang Tab increases display options for Pawz product line

Clam Shell packages, like the one used by PawZ on their line of Dog Boots, often have a hang hole designed into the package. A slot hang hole allows the package to hang on a display strip or peg hook. This works well if there is plenty of display space and multiple peg hooks to display multiple variations of products.
But the battle for display space can sometimes limit the area available to hang a product. Products can get backed up on a peg hook and become inaccessible to shoppers.
PawZ wanted a way to transform their display options for their clamshell products  — without having to redesign their packages. The 2-HAL Hook Hang Tab from Do-It Corporation became a simple solution.
The 2-HAL hang tab easily inserts into slot hole on PawZ’s clamshell packaged and converts the slot-shaped hang hole on the package into a hook shape. This transforms the accessibility of the product for shoppers. Adding the hook option allows customers to “back shop” products off a peg hook. Customers can select any product on the peg hook, based upon color or size, without having to remove other products off the peg hook. This can be extremely helpful when display space is limited.
The 2-HAL hang tab from Do-It Corporation securely hangs the product on a peg hook and offers display flexibility in any pet store.