Promote Bundled Holiday Sales With Product Carry Handles

Between Black Friday and Christmas shopping, the time for crazy holiday deals is fast approaching, and you can become part of the selling action by adding Do-It carry handles to your products. Everyone likes a good sale, and with November and December rolling up on us, there’s no better way to group your products. From lightweight objects to heavier products, the Do-It carry handles hold strong.

Fit all packaging

With handles ranging from 9.5” all the way to 23” long, Do-It carry handles come in all the sizes you need to carry differently sized and weighted product bundle packages with ease. The adhesive ending on every carry handle increases in size as the length of the carry handles increases, making sure that they stay stuck to all items no matter how large or heavy. Some package sizes or shapes can be awkward and harder to carry due to weight distribution, but the carry handles offered by Do-It remove that worry and give you something to easily hold onto.

Branding matters

When trying to sell any product, one of the most important aspects for sales and a loyal consumer-base is your company’s branding. With the Do-It carry handles, you can print your company’s branding elements directly onto the handles to make sure that your products are consistent in packaging and attractive to the eye. If you have a special holiday packaging that is put on your products, you can custom make the right carry handles to match, making your product pop off the shelf.

Wherever you need them

The carry handles provided by Do-It can be applied at the factory, contract packaging facility, or right in the store for your convenience. We know that every client has different specifications and needs for their processes, so Do-It does everything we can to make sure the process is as easy as possible for you.

Providing point-of-sale display solutions since 1973, Do-It corporation has the experience that you need. Focused on giving clients the answers that will best help them, we are sure that we can find what will work for you.