Promote Fall Fun With Custom Hang Tabs

Autumn is fast approaching once again, and the Do-It corporation is here to make all your fall displays pop with custom hang tabs. The custom hang tabs provided by the Do-It corporation fit almost every type of product on the market, and our custom solutions guarantee that we can find the perfect one to match your products.

Match the holidays

With the custom hang tabs from Do-It, you can get the unique look that your products require to boost visibility, reduce packaging costs, and maintain the look of the season. No matter the product, Do-It can design and/or recommend a hang tab solution for your displaying needs. By reproducing logos and matching colors on plastic through a digital printing process, your products can show the spirit of Halloween without any distracting or unrelated parts attached to the packaging.

Different tabs

At Do-It, we try to make sure our designs fit any product, and thus we offer different tabs for different products. With ten different tab designs at the ready, your items can stay safe and secure. From heavy duty hang tabs for heavier products to security hang tabs for expensive products, the options offered by the Do-It corporation give you everything you need to successfully display products this fall.

Analyze your products

With the experienced team at the Do-It corporation, we can do a free packaging analysis for your seasonal packaging and figure out how our custom hang tab solutions can best fit your product and increase sales. Our analysis can also offer solutions to reduce your overall costs by lowering packaging materials used.

Serving businesses since 1973, the Do-It Corporation has the expertise to bring custom hang tab solutions to you. With tabs always in stock, ready for delivery, contact us and see how we can help you today!

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