Push Holiday Sales Once Again with Retail Carry Handles

With the holidays here and plenty of opportunities to push your sales further, retail carry handles are an excellent consideration to offer convenience and ease of transport of bulk products. Shoppers at the holidays are always looking for great deals on products, so when your business offers a bulk option, you can more easily encourage the sale with a well-placed retail carry handle.

The Do-It Corporation has provided carry handles to a variety of businesses in the past, all for products that were either being sold together as a bulk bundle or alongside another product that the company manufactures. Whatever collection of packages or large, single packages you are looking to improve, the Do-It retail carry handle is one of your best options.


Because the retail carry handles from the Do-It Corporation allow you to offer multi-pack products in a convenient and easy to manage bundle, it can help you make the most of your holiday bundled offers this season. Any holiday deal that your business is considering for your retail displays, a product carry handle can make all the difference when it comes to a large package or many smaller ones.

Do-It Corporation consults with clients to figure out if retail carry handles would be a good choice for their holidays experience this season. With our team of professionals on your side, products always get the best packaging solutions available based on careful consideration and research.


When you choose retail carry handles from Do-It Corp., you not only get a great way for customers to buy bulk for your products this holiday season, but you can also get branded handles to perfectly fit your product. Do-It has provided carry handles to a variety of major name brands in the business over the years, and we would be happy to provide the same service to you.

With two sizes available, our carry handles provide a great grip that can hold either up to 15 pounds or 25 pounds of product. This means almost any retail products can take advantage of carry handles without worrying about their integrity when in use.

The Do-It Corporation is the premier provider of point-of-sale display solutions for any product. If you want to assist your bulk sales this holiday season, consider retail carry handles from Do-It to give your customers a better way to carry holiday deals.

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