Push Products Post-Quarantine With Marketing Displays To Increase Sales

As stay-at-home orders come closer to an end, more shoppers will be back in stores, which means you can push sales of your products through effective marketing displays. No matter what line of products you’re in, the Do-It Corporation can help you come up with different methods of marketing in stores to assist you with product sales. We’ve designed a large variety of solutions for companies of all types, so we guarantee we can help you find the solutions you need.


With customers more frequently returning to stores,  your products need a way to stand out from others, and your marketing efforts can literally jump off the shelves with Do-It Wobblers and Do-It Flags. Both of these marketing displays are a great tool to get potential customers to notice your product, giving them a three-dimensional tool to catch the eyes of passerby’s and increase the chances of them grabbing one of your products off the shelf. With the ability to digitally print them with your company’s specific marketing materials or, in the case of Wobblers, printed in clear plastic with adhesive so you can easily stick on your own sign, Do-It’s tools give you the resources you need to get that advantage on your competition.


When you need a wide-reaching way to advertise on a retail shelf space, Do-It also offers channel strips. These strips can be printed with your brands logo or colors to help customers see and realize that your product is displaying in a space to help push sales. Provided in either loose strips or rolls, you can easily include channel strips on any retail shelf to be able to make your marketing displays more filled out and better than ever.

Providing all the best solutions for marketing displays, the Do-It Corporation has what you need to improve sales as stay-at-home restrictions begin to loosen. To learn more about what we can offer, contact us today!

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