Push Products With Unique Designs for Plastic Packaging

When thinking of ways to improve the sales of your products, you may be considering taking a look at your plastic packaging to make it more effective. The Do-It Corporation has helped many companies face this same question and has provided them with an answer to the dilemma time and time again. Our team has years of experience designing, testing, and implementing unique designs to plastic packaging for products of all kinds, meaning we can work with you to find the best solutions to meet your needs. We believe that there is always a solution to be found to improve packaging of a product, and the team at Do-It will work together with you to find it.


If you have a smaller product, then the Do-It Corporation can help you to get it hanging in aisles of a store with our effective hang tabs. We have created a variety of different designs over the years, all created with the purpose of providing your product with a strong hold to hang effectively. This can help to give your product the space that it needs to get more eyes on it in an aisle without disrupting packaging, leaving your branding front and center for customers to see. Whether a plastic tab that is attached to your packaging or a design created out of the package itself, Do-It can help you to create the best hang tab system for your product’s needs.


Not only can Do-It create plastic packaging that allows your package to hang where you need it to, but we can also provide interior, security, and box top hang tabs that are designed to provide protection to your products. These break seals can discourage theft in a simple way that is unobtrusive to the design of the package and still allows your product to be shown on the shelf without blocking any messaging. With interior hang tabs, security hang tabs, and seal tabs available, your product can be kept safe no matter its packaging.

With plastic packaging options always available and ready for shipping alongside a dedicated team who is ready to help you, your products will always get the quality services that you can depend on. To get started on your plastic packaging design or have any questions answered about what we can provide for you, reach out and contact us today.

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