Retail Display Solutions from the Do-It Corporation

Your retail display is home to one of the most important parts of your products’ life cycle. With the proper retail display, interested customers will take notice of the products you choose to display and determine whether it has a place in their shopping cart. Without the proper retail display, though, products that your customers would otherwise benefit from purchasing will go unnoticed or ignored.

Yet, this begs the question: what makes a strong retail display? Is it the products you have or, instead, the way you arrange them? Whatever the answer, you’re going to need reliable product hanging solutions to set up your retail display in a way that works for you. In this month’s blog post, we’ll be discussing how Do-It products enhance retail displays of all varieties.

Product Flags and Wobblers to Make Retail Displays Pop

Product flags and wobblers are some of the best ways to draw eyes to your retail display. Both have their own unique strengths as retail display solutions, which we’ll be covering below.

Product Flags

Do-It shelf flags are an amazing way to get people to notice your products. Our compact flags are designed to stick out just enough to grab the attention of shoppers all throughout an aisle without becoming obtrusive. Our product flags are generally easier to see from a farther distance than wobblers, making them preferable for attracting customers in a large area.


Wobblers are some of our most sought-after retail display solutions. Like flags, they stick out into the aisle, grabbing the attention of passing customers. However, wobblers have the additional advantage of being designed to wobble around (hence the name) with relatively little force. The motion attracts the eye of nearby customers who otherwise wouldn’t normally be looking, leading to increased sales.

Retail Displays and Bottle Hang Tabs

Once you’ve attracted a customer to your retail display, it’s time to impress them with a deal they can’t pass up. Companies prefer Do-It’s bottle hang tabs to get this job done again and again.

Our bottle neck hang tabs can help sweeten the pot on any deal. By attaching a small promotional item to any bottled product that you sell, you can greatly increase your sales of that product. When used well, the attached promotional item will work with the bottled product to create a whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts. By attaching a muddler to a bottle of whiskey, for instance, you’re not just selling alcohol anymore; you’re selling a lifestyle of homemade drinks.

Some other real-life examples are:

  • Nail polish paired with nail finishing formula.
  • Beard oil paired with beard shampoo and conditioner.
  • Laundry detergent with fragrance boosting laundry crystals.

Are you looking to get the tools you need to make a retail display that attracts customer attention and helps them find the products they need? If so, contact us at the Do-It Corporation today for more information about retail display solutions that get the job done right.