Security Hang Tabs Give Promotional Material Added Protection

When your next series of promotional materials is ready for the packaging process, consider security hang tabs from the Do-It Corporation to keep products safer on the shelf. Especially useful when a promotional item is a limited edition of a product that may see high demand, security hang tabs allow stores to hang products on shelving as usual but provide extra reinforcement to stop against theft to ensure sales aren’t interrupted.

With designs that have been workshopped and developed for years, the security hang tabs from Do-It offer a simple, but effective design that product packaging can count on for additional package reinforcement.


Because the design of Do-It’s security hang tabs provides a strong hold through a large adhesive area on both sides of the top of a product’s packaging, a variety of package weights can both find better protection. Depending on the design of the security hang tab that you purchase, the recommended product display weight ranges anywhere from 11 ounces to 20 ounces, giving a large range of options for customers.

Whether your promotional item is an expensive fountain pen or a new band for the latest smartwatch, your packaging can find better protection with Do-It. By working with our team, we can assist you in finding the perfect hang tab for your products.


When you choose Do-It’s security hang tabs, you not only get better protection for hanging products, but you get this security without interfering with any of your promotional messaging. A small, but durable piece of material, the hang tabs that Do-It provides are clear, heavy-duty plastic with a clear adhesive, meaning any promotional messaging that might be underneath is still seen clearly.

Do-It works to provide products that are designed to best serve our customers and their retail display needs. Whatever promotional messaging your products are advertising, you can count on the security hang tabs from Do-It to allow them to reach customers as intended.

Through rigorous testing and development, Do-It has developed a variety of products that are suited for the purpose of retail displays for a variety of products. If you are worried about the security of any hanging products that are meant for promotional or regular use, work with Do-It to find the best solution for your packaging. Call us today to get started!

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