Sell Bigger Bundles With Carry Handles for Retail

If you are looking for ways to improve the amount of product you are selling, then carry handles that are designed for a retail environment can be the perfect packaging solution. Simple to include in a retail setting and effective to your needs, a carry handle from Do-It can make the difference on whether a bundle of products sells in a store. There is no solution that Do-It cannot do for retail solutions, and the carry handle is one effective solution we have developed that has been trusted again and again.


Whether retail stores or major retail brands, the carry handles from Do-It have been used by companies of all varieties in a retail setting for years. Stores such as Costco that carry large, bulk selections of products know that their customers often need a way to bring their products to the front registers without too much difficulty. So, one way to make the shopping trip easier for the customer, while also encouraging a sale that might not otherwise have happened, is to include adhesive carry strips needs the product in question, making it easier to maneuver with. Whatever the bulk item in question, there is a good chance that your store could find a way to include carry handles to help customers.


Do-It is trusted by even some of the biggest brands with solutions to their retail problems, and our carry handles are no different. We have created carry handles for major brands such as Coca-Cola, Heinz, Dasani, and more. Since we are even capable of creating an area of graphics on every carry handle roll before sending it to your company or store the product is being sold from, big brands maintain the proper branding with their products. This helps them to both have another portion of packaging to help with their display, but also give customers the extra tool they need to carry heavy or unwieldy packages more easily.

With products that are tested and refined to best serve the needs of a store or brand’s customers, the Do-It Corporation can help with any retail solutions that your business might need. To allow customers to carry your products with ease in a simple but effective way, count on the carry handles from Do-It. Start on your order of them by getting ahold of our team today!

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