Summer Beverages Benefit from Bottle Neck Hang Tabs

With summer in full swing, it is likely your beverage business’s opportunity for sales has gone up, and the bottle neck hang tabs from the Do-It Corporation are another addition you can include in packaging to further push those sales. Shoppers are always looking to quench their thirst when the temperature rises, sometimes on the spot! By including a bottle neck hang tab on your product’s usual packaging, you can gain attention for the product in a variety of ways.

Do-It Corp. has manufactured retail display solutions through extensive testing and development, meaning you can always count on our products to provide you with the best experience. From glass bottles to small plastic ones, there’s no shortage of what the bottle neck hang tabs from Do-It can assist with.


With bottle neck hang tabs comes the opportunity to offer summer deals, promotions, and more on bottled beverages. Whether that is a partnership with a common snack company for coupons on chips or pretzels to go along with your drink or a coupon off the drink itself for either the current purchase or a future one. Whatever you wish to be put on the hang tab, our team can help you find the perfect design.

Make your bottle neck hang tab match the color or theme of your beverage to make it really stand out with customers!


When you choose the Do-It Corporation for your packaging solutions for drinks, our bottle neck hang tabs can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This allows us not only to offer an option for every type of bottle that you might have, but also allows you to do different promotions depending on what your team has in mind.

From a bottle neck hang tab with a free sample included to ones that have a tab to provide additional promotions for the season, there are an almost endless number of possibilities for your marketing team to take advantage of with our hang tabs.

A great solution for cross-merchandising, unique promotions, and more this summer, let Do-It Corporation’s bottle neck hang tabs provide you with the best solution to improve marketing for your beverages! Contact our sales team today to learn more about the possibilities with Do-It and how our team can improve your summer sales.

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