Using Clear Plastic Hang Tabs for Your Retail Display

In the world of retail, presentation is essential to making any sale. The way products are displayed can make the difference between catching a customer’s eye and never even being seen in the first place. However, there’s an art to retail display. Grabbing customer attention requires both a mind for marketing and the tools to get the job done right.

One simple yet effective tool that can enhance your retail display is the clear plastic hang tab. Let’s explore the benefits and applications of clear plastic hang tabs in creating an attractive and efficient retail display.

Today, we’ll be discussing the benefits of using clear plastic hang tabs for your retail display.

Improved Product Visibility

One of the primary benefits of clear plastic hang tabs are their ability to bring products to eye level, making them easier to spot and more accessible. Instead of bending down to get a closer look or pick up a product, customers only have to reach out. This is especially important for impulse purchases, which rely on easy access in order to convert to a sale.

At the same time, clear plastic hang tabs are also preferred for their easy organization. Not only is easy organization a benefit from a labor standpoint, but it also from a sales standpoint. Customers prefer organized displays that are easy to visually easy to comprehend, where they don’t need to parse through too much visual information in order to understand all their options.

Versatility and Flexibility

In addition to the many visibility benefits of clear plastic hang tabs, they also offer superior versatility and flexibility for placement all throughout your store. With these hang tabs, products can be hanged on hooks, walls, poles, and even other products.

Moreover, Do-It hang tabs are compatible with a wide range of products, such as:

  • Lightweight Items
  • Heavier Items
  • Bottled Items
  • Boxed Items

And because Do-It hang tabs make use of a streamlined design, applying hang tabs to your products has never been easier. Simply peel off the protective film and attach the hang tab to your product. You can even choose either a left-facing or right-facing configuration, depending on which is best for your display.

Purchase Your Clear Plastic Hang Tabs Today

Whether you’re a big box store or a burgeoning small business, clear plastic hang tabs can enhance your retail display in moments. To purchase the perfect hang tabs for your store, click here to contact us today.