Using Different Display Strips to Increase Sales

Merchandising display strips are one of the best ways to display and sell products anywhere in your store. Unlike some of the other retail display solutions we offer, display strips are practically their own, mobile retail display. With minimal effort, you can set up and move around a display strip practically anywhere a customer could see it.

That said, deciding the best ways to use display strips for your retail environment is easier said than done. It requires insight into what customers look for and how you can provide it.

In this month’s blog post, we’re discussing how you can use display strips like a true professional to increase your sales.

Tips For Increasing Sales with Display Strips

Before we get into the different types of display strips, let’s cover some quick tips for increasing your sales.

Hang Complementary Items Near Each Other. One of the best ways to increase sales with display strips is by using them to pair complementary items together. For instance, adding display strips of ping pong balls and red solo cups near beer can increase sales of all three items by selling an experience instead of individual items.

Maximize Use of Limited Space. You know that shelf space to sell your items is highly valuable. However, not all items have to be on the shelves to sell. Instead, use display strips to maximize product displays on flat, vertical surfaces.

Hang Strips Near Checkout. Display strips are fantastic for increasing impulse sales. Naturally, putting display strips near checkout is the best way to capitalize on this.

Different Types of Display Strips to Use

Now that we’ve discussed some different ways to use display strips to increase sales, let’s highlight some of the types of display strips you can use.

Bandolier strips. Our 2-MDH Display Strip (also known as a Bandolier Strip) is best used for bottled products that customers like to grab on impulse, such as a 5-hour energy.

Custom Strips. Custom display strips are one of the best options for spreading brand awareness. By making your display strips custom to your product, they’ll stand out from the crowd.

Impulse Strips. As the name implies, impulse strips specialize in encouraging impulse purchases. These strips use a simple design with no bells and whistles to keep customer attention on the product, itself.

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