Why Literature Holders are a Great Choice for Summer Sales

When manufacturers of products need literature holders to show off sales, they know that they can always count on the Do-It Corporation to provide the best. With the latest heatwave that passed through here in the Midwest, we were all reminded of how fast summer is approaching. And, with summer always comes a variety of new products and sales to market toward customers looking to make purchases for their outdoor fun.

Before summer arrives and is in full swing, retail stores can order literature holder to ensure when their big summer sales are here, they have a way to advertise them to guests in a simple but effective way.


By utilizing a literature holder from Do-It, retailers can provide product information about new products that they are offering, coupons that customers can take advantage of during the summer, and more. Because they have a resilient adhesive backing, they can be placed right next to the products being displayed, giving your customers access to all their best deals, right at the source. This can easily encourage more sales by giving the customer an incentive to grab the product.

The simple setup of our literature holders also allows you to quickly put in or take out literature that you are displaying, meaning as deals change, you can switch them out with little effort.


We at Do-It know that summer products come in all shapes and sizes, so, like during other times of the year, we provide literature holders that come in a variety of sizes to match. This can allow retailers to provide customers with full catalogues of deals, small coupon tickets next to the products, promotional brochures of new or upcoming products, and more. Do-It’s solutions for products in a retail setting are unmatched, and our literature holders are another great product that will increase sales.

And, because each literature holder that Do-It provides is created from clear mil plastic, they allow you to display your literature clear and present, allowing everyone who passes to see exactly what is being advertised to them.

As some of the leading experts in point-of-sale display solutions, you can count on Do-It to provide your retail store with all the best tools it needs to succeed. With summer just a month away, make sure your store is prepared to advertise upcoming sales with excellent literature holders from Do-It.

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