Ideas That Hang…Promote…Sell

Do-It Corporation helps Dilly’s Poochie Butter combine and hang two products – Twice!

Dilly’s Poochie Butter wanted to combine two different products with their Dog Peanut Butter squeeze pack. One combination included the squeeze pack with a peanut-shaped toy filler. The other combined the squeeze pack with Poochie Butter’s Lick Pad. Both the peanut toy filler and the lick pad are methods for letting dogs enjoy the Poochie Butter from Dilly’s. Do-It developed solutions for both packaging issues.
First, the 2-KHR bottle neck hang tab is digitally printed and works off the shape of both the squeeze pack and the peanut toy. Both components easily slide into the necker as special die cuts slip under the cap of the squeeze pack and conform to the shape of the peanut toy. A strip of adhesive on the final fold of the necker secures the product in place. Both components hang, face-forward on any peg hook.
The second project does not use adhesive but relies on two circular die cuts to hang the squeeze pack and the lick pad together. Like the first example, the 2-KHP Bottle Neck Hang Tab has a small hole that fits securely under the cap of the squeeze pack. The KHP also has a larger round hole die cut that fits over the suction pad on the backside of the lick pad. This bottle neck hang tab is also digitally printed to match the existing label on the lick pad. The large header area on both parts conveys key product and promotion information and reinforces Dilly’s brand.
Dilly’s Poochie Butter — working together with Do-It Corporation. Two unique products — two unique hanging solutions.

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