Ideas That Hang…Promote…Sell

Do-It Hang Tab gets Sure-Foot Industries’ Skid Guard Tread hanging in the store

Hang tabs increase product visibility, raise your brand awareness, and create additional merchandising opportunities. For Sure-Foot Industries a Do-It Corporation, C-KHM Slot Style Hang Tab was an ideal way to expand their display options. At 6 inches wide and 24 inches long the Skid Guard Tread is a big item. The large size and the attractive yellow and red label already draw attention to this product. To make it even more noticeable, Sure-Foot Industries placed the hang tab on the backside, with the hang hole just above the product. The Skid Guard Tread is now ready to be displayed vertically, face-forward almost anywhere in the store. The Do-It Hang Tab allows retailers the option of hanging the product in key locations throughout the store where it will be seen and purchased. The C-KHM hang tab is delivered on a sheet of 20 hang tabs. Just peel a hang tab and place it directly on the liner paper on the back of the skid guard. The hang tab easily and securely hangs the 4 ounce Skid Guard Tread.