Ideas That Hang…Promote…Sell

Do-It Merchandising Strip gives Frito Lay a little extra edge when displaying its Nut Harvest product line

The highly competitive snack food category requires all ideas when it comes to displaying your product in grocery stores, convenience stores, and big box stores. When Frito Lay wanted to expand the display opportunities for its Nut Harvest line of snacks they found an excellent solution with Do-It Corporation’s R-87 Roll Form Display Strip. This display strip is delivered on a roll and the length of each individual strip can be customized. With perforations every six hang positions the R-87 is ideal for hanging smaller snacks treats anywhere in the store. Made from clear plastic the strip doesn’t block any product information or distract from the product. The strip can hang on peg hook or, with a Do-It S-Hook, anywhere in the store — the chip aisle, near beverages, or at checkout. With Do-It’s cost effective R-87 Roll Form Display Strip more display options means more opportunities for impulse purchases.