Ideas That Hang…Promote…Sell

Klass uses Printed Do-It Horizontal Merchandising Strip to promote Chilito Seasoning

Klass Time was looking for a way to make their Chilito Seasoning Mix stand out in the crowded seasoning aisle. Their solution: A Do-It Printed MDH Merchandising Display Strip.
The digitally printed retail merchandising strip hangs six 5.6 ounce Chilito Seasoning containers anywhere in a store. The strip precisely matches the Klass Chilito colors and the large header area reinforces their strong brand messaging.
The strip is essentially a moveable display that allows retailers to cross-merchandise this chili powder anywhere in the store. The product could stand out in the seasoning aisle or in the meat section of a grocery store. More display opportunities should heat up sales for Klass’s Chilito Seasoning.

Klass Chilito Seasoning