Ideas That Hang…Promote…Sell

Kong goes for Display Flexibility with Digitally Printed Card from Do-It Corporation

Kong wanted to provide retailers display options for its Kong Naturals Spray Catnip. Some stores want to place the product on a shelf. And some retailers like having the option of hanging the one-fluid ounce spray bottle. Do-It Corporation’s 2-DFH Hang Tab Card provides the perfect solution.
The 18 mil, PET plastic card (15 mil PET plus a 3 mil film laminate) is designed to hang Kong’s spray catnip on a peg hook or merchandising display strip anywhere in the store. The bottle neck hang hole fits tightly under the cap of the bottle. A small amount of adhesive behind the bottle keeps the bottle oriented, face-forward on the card.
Do-It used a two-step, digital printing process to produce the card. The front graphics were printed on label film and laminated to the plastic. By laminating the front, Do-It ensures that the face of the card will continue to look attractive during the entire sales cycle. The 3 mil lamination also helps make the card sturdier when the product is displayed, standing up, on a shelf.
The graphics on the back of the card were printed directly on the plastic prior to die cutting. This additional printing on the back of the card provides customers with key product information — in both English and Spanish.
Do-It’s 2-DFH — one sturdy display option for the shelf or the peg hook.

Kong Naturals Catnip