Ideas That Hang…Promote…Sell

Puppy Cake gets their Dog Birthday Cake Kit Hanging with Do-It R-5115 Hang Tab

Hanging an uniquely-shaped, shrink-wrapped product that weighs close to a pound can be a retail display challenge. For Do-It Corporation it was a piece of cake — Puppy Cake that is. Do-It Corporation’s R-5115 Fold-Up Slot Style Hang Tab adheres to the backside of Puppy Cake’s Dog Birthday Cake Kit and provides display flexibility to the store. If the store displays the kit on a shelf, the hang tab can remain folded down. If store personnel decide to hang the cake kit, they just simply fold up the hang tab and place the product on a peg hook or even a display strip. The sturdy, 15 mil hang tab securely and attractively hangs the product face-forward until it is purchased. In addition, the clear hang tab doesn’t block any product information on the package.

Puppy Cake