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Hang tabs

Gain greater visibility and fit more product in the same space by hanging your products anywhere in the store with Do-It Hang Tabs.

Carry handles

Make it easy for customers to see and grab your larger products by using Do-It Carry Handles. Reduce cardboard packaging to meet source reduction goals.


Grab customers’ attention and encourage impulse purchases by attaching Do-It IRCs to your product. Reinforce your brand with eye-catching color.

Bottle neck hang tabs

Attach samples and cross-promote your other products with Do-It Bottle Neck Hang Tabs for increased sales.

Custom display strips

Hang your product anywhere — even in limited retail space — or cross-merchandise other nearby products with Do-It Display Strips. Reinforce your brand with printed headers.


Attract attention, reinforce your brand and secure valuable, competitive shelf space for your products with Do-It POP wobblers, flags, strips and signs.



Less Packaging. More Sales.

Source reduction ideas that cut waste, save money and boost sales

Hang tabs from Do-It make source reduction easier. Team with our source reduction experts and we'll make your packaging more environmentally friendly by reducing the overall amount of packaging, or eliminating it altogether. You cut your packaging and shipping costs and increase your in-store display flexibility at the same time.

Hang tabs can boost your sales, increase your product's brand awareness and maximize your merchandising opportunities. Put your product right at eye level where customers see it ... increase impulse purchases ... fit more product in the same space ... display anywhere in the store ... cross-merchandise by grouping products together ... repair or reinforce damaged packaging.

Do-It invented the hang tab more than 40 years ago, and we have millions in stock and hundreds of styles to fit your package. Or we can custom-design a hang tab to meet your specific packaging needs. From a wide variety of hang tab designs to printed hang tabs, point-of-purchase (POP) products and display strips, Do-It has a solution to help you achieve source reduction as well as display, promote and sell your product better.

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Walmart Impulse Strips Program

Walmart Impulse Strip Program - Order FormIf you're one of the thousands of businesses that are approved suppliers for Walmart, you know it's tough to stand out in their aisles. But getting noticed just got easier for you.

Now you can use our Impulse Strips to hang your products where Walmart customers will see them ... and buy them.

Walmart Impulse Strip Program Order Form.