bottle neck hang tabs

Bottle Neck Hang Tabs

When you choose to use bottle neck hang tabs from the Do-It Corporation, you are choosing a great way to provide a variety of bonuses to your customers that can encourage them to buy your products. An effective marketing technique that takes little effort to involve with your product, our bottle neck hang tabs can help you to increase sales in a simple but effective way. Having provided sales solutions to a variety of customers that have used the bottle neck hang tabs in the past, you know that Do-It can help you find a better retail solution. See the list below for some ideas!

Plastic Packaging

When creating a design for plastic packaging of your products, you want to make sure the right amount of creativity is used without sacrificing protection for the products. By doing so, you can increase sales of your products while not sacrificing the durability that packaging for certain items may require. From going on and off shelves, being moved around storage rooms to the store’s floor, and being shipped to your business, the right plastic packaging can make all the difference.

Bottleneck Hang Tabs

Boosting your store’s sales figures is never a bad thing, and bottleneck hang tabs from the Do-It Corporation can be the perfect addition to your marketing tactics to do just that. By including additional products and promotions through eye-catching additions to your regular product, you can make sure that your items are seen and encourage people to grab one for themselves. No matter what your product is, if it comes in a bottle with a neck, Do-It can give you the unique solutions you need.

Bottle Neck Hang Tabs

I don’t know about you, but most people get excited when they’re shopping and see freebies that go along with a product. Oftentimes, it’s a product they would not have otherwise purchased or paid any attention to. If it’s something they had planned on buying anyway, their customer satisfaction goes through the roof and they associate positive feelings with a brand. Do-It Bottle Neck Hang Tabs help you promote your brand or your partnership with another brand by attaching “free” products right to your bottle. 


Are you looking for a unique way to promote your bottled product? Whether you're a renowned beverage company interested in promoting a new product or a small purveyor of organic hot sauces introducing an exciting new flavor, Do-It Bottle Neck Hang Tabs can help you stand out on the retail shelves, draw attention to your product and, ultimately, make more sales.