Provide Samples, Promotions, and More with Bottle Neck Hang Tabs

Bottle Neck Hang Tabs

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When you choose to use bottle neck hang tabs from the Do-It Corporation, you are choosing a great way to provide a variety of bonuses to your customers that can encourage them to buy your products. An effective marketing technique that takes little effort to involve with your product, our bottle neck hang tabs can help you to increase sales in a simple but effective way. Having provided sales solutions to a variety of customers that have used the bottle neck hang tabs in the past, you know that Do-It can help you find a better retail solution. See the list below for some ideas!

1. Two for one offers make the difference

With the bottle neck hang tab, you can easily include an additional product that compliments your own. Customers love a two for one offer, and if yours fits your product well enough, it can more easily improve sales.

2. Offer free samples to your customers

By including a free sample of another of your products, you not only help a customer to feel like they have gotten a nice bonus with their purchase, but you also have the potential to introduce them to another product they love that they will go back and purchase in full in the future.

3. Bottle neck hang tab promotions and coupons

Another great way to use bottle neck hang tabs with your products is through promotions and coupons. Whether a promotion code for another product of yours or a coupon that can help make the sale, there is no limit to what your bottle neck hang tab can do for you.

4. Hang where you otherwise could not

Bottle neck hang tabs can be designed to fit around your product and help them to hang on a retail fixture where they might not have been able to otherwise. This can help visibility of your product and make it easier for customers to see, increasing sales in yet another way.

The examples provided here are just a few of what Do-It Corp. is capable of with your bottled products. Our team of engineers work with every customer to ensure that whatever bottle neck hang tab solutions they need, we can find a design that functions perfectly for them. Whether your bottles are large and small, you can find great solutions with Do-It. Contact our team today to start the process of designing a retail solution that best helps you!