do-it carry handles

Do-It carry handles

Here at the Do-It Corporation, we are constantly looking for ways to help our customers increase their sales, and California Organic Raisin found a great way to Do-It with our carry handles

bulk buying carry handles

Consumers love buying in bulk. Saving money and cutting down on trips to the store is a no brainer. And retailers, from the mom and pop grocery store, to big box stores, to buying clubs, are happy to offer multi-pack products. So how can you get in on this trend? Maximize your sales and grab attention with Do-It carry handles. Do-It carry handles make bulk buying even easier for customers, and are a fully customizable with your branding. 

Do-It Carry Handles

Providing customers with convenience is a great way to increase customer satisfaction, which in turn increases brand loyalty. If a customer has a positive experience with your product because of something that differentiates you from the competition, like Do-It Carry Handles, they will choose your product much more frequently. Do-It Carry Handles can also be printed with your brand, which increases your brand identity and reach. These carry handles can be applied at the factory, packaging facility, or even in store.