security hang tabs

Retail Displays

When you need to protect your products in an efficient way without ruining the look of packaging for your retail displays, the Do-It Corporation offers security hang tabs that do just that. Tested and used by stores all around, Do-It’s designs give your products the extra something they need to make your displays function the way you need them to.

Hang Tab Designs

Hanging products are a convenient way to save space with retail displays, and you can help they hang more efficiently with effective hang tab designs. Some packaging may come with hanging cutouts built into them, but the material is thin and prone to being ripped or broken. By installing hang tabs from the Do-It Corporation, you can give an extra layer of security, reinforcement, and the ability to be hung up!

Security Hang Tab

Do you require a more specialized solution for your retail products? Whether your goal is to ward off theft, ensure your packaging is protected against damage or increase customer satisfaction, our specialty hang tab options are sure to improve your product's placement and visibility while enhancing its security.

Security Hang Tabs

Some retail products require a more specialized solution. A solution that ensures the product looks great and the brand is not obstructed or if the product is commonly stolen, specialty tabs that function as a theft deterrent. Sometimes a specialized solution may solve a problem customers don’t know that they have like our Do-It Seal Tabs. In this post, we will look at three of our products that fall under the specialty hang tab category.