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At Do-It Corporation, we're constantly evolving our product lines and developing new solutions to common retail display problems. To help our customers stay current with our progress and products, we regularly add new articles, case studies and industry thoughts to this page. Be sure to check back often, as we are constantly updating our offerings and sharing new perspectives on age-old retail display concerns.

Bottle Neck Hang Tabs

With summer in full swing, it is likely your beverage business’s opportunity for sales has gone up, and the bottle neck hang tabs from the Do-It Corporation are another addition you can include in packaging to further push those sales. Shoppers are always looking to quench their thirst when the temperature rises, sometimes on the spot! By including a bottle neck hang tab on your product’s usual packaging, you can gain attention for the product in a variety of ways.

Plastic Packaging

When your product has been approved to move onto shelves, it is important that your plastic packaging can find a place that serves it best to make the sale. Thankfully, due to the innovative and durable design of Do-It Corporation’s hang tabs, any product can find a space in stores to sit in a store aisle however it needs to best make the sale.

Literature Holder

When manufacturers of products need literature holders to show off sales, they know that they can always count on the Do-It Corporation to provide the best. With the latest heatwave that passed through here in the Midwest, we were all reminded of how fast summer is approaching. And, with summer always comes a variety of new products and sales to market toward customers looking to make purchases for their outdoor fun.

Retail Displays

When considering your retail displays, you want to make sure that the display is engaging enough in a way that encourages customers to interact with it, even if that interaction is simply observing and considering the product. The Do-It Corporation has provided eye-catching retail displaying solutions to a variety of producers for products in almost every category that you would see in-store.

Heavy Duty Hang Tabs

Rather than leave your products’ suspension to chance, you can depend on the strong hold that heavy duty hang tabs from Do-It can provide for you. Through a simple, but effective design, Do-It heavy duty hang tabs give products a durable hold that will ensure that they stay hung in a store aisle or endcap the entire time your product is sold.

Carry Handles

When brands want their products to be easier to manage for customers, product carry handles can be a great way to not only improve the ease of moving your products, but also push your branding further. The Do-It Corporation develops retail solutions that have been tried and tested so manufacturers of products are always getting the best answers to their problems.

Security Hang Tabs

As we enter further into a New Year, security hang tabs from the Do-It Corporation are a great opportunity for retail companies to increase the effectiveness of their retail loss prevention. If you are the manager of a store, owner of multiple chains, or even a security team member looking for a great suggestion to your supervisors, security hang tabs can be your new way of protecting products in a simple, but effective way.

Plastic Packaging

When thinking of ways to improve the sales of your products, you may be considering taking a look at your plastic packaging to make it more effective. The Do-It Corporation has helped many companies face this same question and has provided them with an answer to the dilemma time and time again. Our team has years of experience designing, testing, and implementing unique designs to plastic packaging for products of all kinds, meaning we can work with you to find the best solutions to meet your needs. We believe that there is always a solution to be found to improve packaging of a product, and the team at Do-It will work together with you to find it.

Literature Holder

With the holidays just around the corner, your store can help in-store shoppers find all the deals they need with effective literature holders from Do-It Corporation. One of the first things that many do before Black Friday shopping is to look at adverts that a store offers. By using quality literature holders that you can place in different parts of your store, you can make holiday ads more accessible to your customers to ensure that the ads are seen and picked up, which can lead to more sales.

Retail Display Solutions

If you are a major retailer or a seller of products and you are looking for quality retail display solutions for your store or products, the Do-It Corporation has more than a few solutions for you to see at our trade show booths. Each year, Do-It participates in trade shows where you can see some of our products firsthand, finding solutions that can help you more effectively make sales. Our representatives at each trade show that we are at love to have discussions with our potential customers to show them the difference that Do-It can make for them.