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At Do-It Corporation, we're constantly evolving our product lines and developing new solutions to common retail display problems. To help our customers stay current with our progress and products, we regularly add new articles, case studies and industry thoughts to this page. Be sure to check back often, as we are constantly updating our offerings and sharing new perspectives on age-old retail display concerns.

Hang Tabs

If your brand is sold in big box stores, then you know the importance of a quality hang tab to keep your product seen. Especially useful for smaller products that need a way to stand out on a shelf, or cannot easily stand up on their own, hang tabs from the Do-It Corporation can give them the hanging hold they need.

Adhesive Retail Carry Handles

When you work in retail, you know that it is all about making the customer experience as best it can be, and adhesive retail carry handles are one simple change that can easily make trips more positive for customers. When buying in bulk, or buying any large, awkward-to-carry items, customers can benefit from adhesive carry handles to make bringing the object to the front of the store, and into their home, easier. The Do-It Corporation has years of experience designing and engineering the best retail solutions, so we know that our adhesive carry handles will help.

Literature Holders

Because many stores are consistently changing their policies and procedures due to COVID-19, you can inform guests about your new regulations that are being followed with effective literature holders. When trying to get out information, there is no better way than to put it where guests will see it while they go about your store. The Do-It Corporation has worked with companies from all over to ensure they have the literature holders that best serve them, so we are sure that we can help your team improve messaging for your stores.

Marketing Displays

With a New Year comes a new opportunity to figure out how you can improve marketing displays to increase customer interaction and push sales. The Do-It Corp. has worked with companies far and wide, in a variety of markets to assist them in bringing out the best marketing strategies for their products. From solutions for signage to the way that a product sits on a shelf, the Do-It Corp. can design and manufacture whatever you need to make an impact in the New Year.

Plastic Hang Tabs

At the Do-It Corporation, we know that sometimes retail display materials don’t quite cut it for your displaying purposes, and that’s why we offer plastic hang tabs that give extra support where you need it. Reinforcer Hang Tabs from Do-It are the simple-to-use, easy addition that instantly can make a retail display of products more dependable and less prone to breaking because of the weight of your product.

Plastic Packaging

Rather than simply wrap your product in plastic and call it a day, the Do-It Corp. has developed different plastic packaging to more effectively market your materials, keep them safe on the shelf, and more. We specialize in bringing out the full potential of retail displays for produce to electronics. When your business needs to change up how your products are displayed for customers in an effective and efficient manner, count on Do-It to find your solution.

Retail Displays

If your product is getting in the final stages of getting on shelves and you’re looking for ways to improve marketing through effective retail displays, trust in the Do-It Corporation to provide everything you need. Our large variety of products have provided great solutions for name-brand companies that you probably recognize, so you know that you can trust in Do-It to handle even your biggest projects.

Hang Tabs

When shoppers are going through any part of a store, the first things they notice can be your product when you utilize hang tabs from the Do-It Corporation. Perfect for putting products right at eye-level for customers, hang tabs can be a simple, yet effective tool for you to use to help increase sales for some of your products. When your products need a boost in sales, make them more noticeable with hang tabs from Do-It.

Marketing Display

As stay-at-home orders come closer to an end, more shoppers will be back in stores, which means you can push sales of your products through effective marketing displays. No matter what line of products you’re in, the Do-It Corporation can help you come up with different methods of marketing in stores to assist you with product sales. We’ve designed a large variety of solutions for companies of all types, so we guarantee we can help you find the solutions you need.

Product Carry Handles

Because there are less people out and about due to virus concerns, you can push bigger sales after shutdowns have gone away using adhesive product carry handles from Do-It Corp. Presenting you with the option to bundle packaging to give deals to your potential customers, Do-It’s adhesive product carry handles give you a great option to encourage sales through effective packaging.