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At Do-It Corporation, we're constantly evolving our product lines and developing new solutions to common retail display problems. To help our customers stay current with our progress and products, we regularly add new articles, case studies and industry thoughts to this page. Be sure to check back often, as we are constantly updating our offerings and sharing new perspectives on age-old retail display concerns.

Marketing Display

With the holidays once again right around the corner, you can take advantage of marketing displays from the Do-It Corporation to encourage holiday sales. No matter what product you sell, if it goes on a shelf, you can benefit from the offers that Do-It carries. Whether you’re doing a promotional offer, simple sale, or special bundles for the holidays, Do-It can help you with your marketing efforts.

Display Strips

Our first holidays of the season are just around the corner, and that means Do-it Corp. is here to help you ensure your retail displays are as ready as possible through the use of our display strips, hang tabs, and more. We’ve crafted the perfect display solutions for a variety of businesses for retail stores, so, whether you’re a candy company that needs extra marketing materials for Halloween or a space heater company that wants to bring in attention for future snow, the Do-It Corp. can help.

Retail Displays

When you need to protect your products in an efficient way without ruining the look of packaging for your retail displays, the Do-It Corporation offers security hang tabs that do just that. Tested and used by stores all around, Do-It’s designs give your products the extra something they need to make your displays function the way you need them to.


Sometimes it can be the simplest solutions that bring about success, and our package carry handles are one of those products. A basic, but effective design, our adhesive package carry handles can make carrying products easier, which can, in turn, push a sale. If you find your products would benefit from an easier way to carry them that is a benefit to the consumer without breaking the bank, the Do-It Corporation has what you need.

Hang Tab Designs

Hanging products are a convenient way to save space with retail displays, and you can help they hang more efficiently with effective hang tab designs. Some packaging may come with hanging cutouts built into them, but the material is thin and prone to being ripped or broken. By installing hang tabs from the Do-It Corporation, you can give an extra layer of security, reinforcement, and the ability to be hung up!

Hang Tab

When crafting a product like hang tabs, you have to make sure they fit and work for the product you have in mind, and the Do-It Corporation can do just that at our hang tab test center. We have worked through thousands of packaging designs for different products that can benefit from different hang tab choices, and it’s through this experience that we’re sure we can find the solutions for you.

Plastic Packaging

When creating a design for plastic packaging of your products, you want to make sure the right amount of creativity is used without sacrificing protection for the products. By doing so, you can increase sales of your products while not sacrificing the durability that packaging for certain items may require. From going on and off shelves, being moved around storage rooms to the store’s floor, and being shipped to your business, the right plastic packaging can make all the difference.

Literature Displays

When looking for ways to draw attention to a product, literature displays from the Do-It Corporation can help sales for that product, old or new. A hands-on way for your customers to see brands available, products offered, and more, literature within the right holder works wonders. Do-It has years of experience designing and crafting display solutions to benefit retail businesses, and, with our capabilities, you know you’ll get an answer to your display problems that you can depend on.

Bottleneck Hang Tabs

Boosting your store’s sales figures is never a bad thing, and bottleneck hang tabs from the Do-It Corporation can be the perfect addition to your marketing tactics to do just that. By including additional products and promotions through eye-catching additions to your regular product, you can make sure that your items are seen and encourage people to grab one for themselves. No matter what your product is, if it comes in a bottle with a neck, Do-It can give you the unique solutions you need.

Product Organization

Thinking of ways to support your product organization? The Do-It Corporation’s hang tabs are a great way to create retail displays that not only assist in the amount of product you’re able to put out, but also help with the organization of your displays. The Do-It Corporation is no stranger to creating effective and profitable retail display solutions, and we guarantee that our hang tabs will make your displays more organized.