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At Do-It Corporation, we're constantly evolving our product lines and developing new solutions to common retail display problems. To help our customers stay current with our progress and products, we regularly add new articles, case studies and industry thoughts to this page. Be sure to check back often, as we are constantly updating our offerings and sharing new perspectives on age-old retail display concerns.


Are you looking for a unique way to promote your bottled product? Whether you're a renowned beverage company interested in promoting a new product or a small purveyor of organic hot sauces introducing an exciting new flavor, Do-It Bottle Neck Hang Tabs can help you stand out on the retail shelves, draw attention to your product and, ultimately, make more sales.

Custom and Printed Hang Tabs

Faced with intense competition on retail shelves, your products need to stand out if you want to win the sale. Whether you intend to garner customers' attention via traditional advertising, securing premium shelf space or by utilizing vibrant, branded packaging, the strategy is the same: be loud and be visible. One of the best ways to increase your visibility is by using custom and printed hang tabs to emphasize your product's features. These hang tabs allow you to entice passersby, deliver your message and reinforce your brand's iconic text and imagery.

hang tabs

Cross-merchandising (or cross-selling) will help you get the most out of customer foot traffic in your store. The seller and the consumer both benefit from the suggestion of additional, complimentary items. Positive customer experiences are sure to help your store attract customers, create customer loyalty, and increase sales.

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If you’re a regular visitor to Do-It’s website, you’ve definitely noticed that we’ve undergone a bit of a makeover. We figured, we’re offering the best custom hang tabs in the business, so why not create a site that really puts them on display? While we were at it, we made our site 100% mobile friendly and increased the width so that we could share some of the massive, high-detail images that we have of our products.