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Hang Tab Designs

Hanging products are a convenient way to save space with retail displays, and you can help they hang more efficiently with effective hang tab designs. Some packaging may come with hanging cutouts built into them, but the material is thin and prone to being ripped or broken. By installing hang tabs from the Do-It Corporation, you can give an extra layer of security, reinforcement, and the ability to be hung up!

Hang Tab

When crafting a product like hang tabs, you have to make sure they fit and work for the product you have in mind, and the Do-It Corporation can do just that at our hang tab test center. We have worked through thousands of packaging designs for different products that can benefit from different hang tab choices, and it’s through this experience that we’re sure we can find the solutions for you.

Plastic Packaging

When creating a design for plastic packaging of your products, you want to make sure the right amount of creativity is used without sacrificing protection for the products. By doing so, you can increase sales of your products while not sacrificing the durability that packaging for certain items may require. From going on and off shelves, being moved around storage rooms to the store’s floor, and being shipped to your business, the right plastic packaging can make all the difference.

Hang Tabs

It has been said that the most expensive real estate in the world is the grocery store shelf.  If you sell a product at retail, you know this to be true, and not just at the grocery store, but nearly any retail point-of-sale environment.  You have to make maximum impact in minimal space, and your product has to POP!  

Hang Tabs

Do-It's hang tab test center is truly one-of-a-kind in the hang tab and point-of-sale display industry. The test center has been essential to propelling Do-It to the largest hang tab manufacturer in the world. We realize that thousands of packaging styles and hundreds of hang tab options can lead to an overwhelming number of combinations. It's absolutely imperative to find a way to determine the best way to lower your packaging costs while creating optimum retail visibility. In this post, we will look at some of the tests we have developed and why our hang tab test center is beneficial for you and your business.

Grocery Store Hang Tabs

Grocery store operations managers know that that there is a certain psychology behind the floor plan of their store and how their customers shop. All sorts of collected data, including sales data and surveys, is used to get a better understanding of consumer habits. Grocery stores all over the country are guided by a key set of principles when setting up their store – the goal is to keep shoppers moving and increasing sales.

Hang Tabs

There are many reasons why more and more retail stores and packaging companies are opting to use hang tabs instead of bulky packaging to hang the product or not hanging it at all. Among the most notable reasons are increased cross-selling of your merchandise, increased brand awareness, increased sales through impulse purchases, reduced packaging cost, and reduced shelf space. We offer a wide variety of hang tabs that are sure to meet all of your retail display needs.

hang tabs

Cross-merchandising (or cross-selling) will help you get the most out of customer foot traffic in your store. The seller and the consumer both benefit from the suggestion of additional, complimentary items. Positive customer experiences are sure to help your store attract customers, create customer loyalty, and increase sales.

Do-It Corporation

If you’re a regular visitor to Do-It’s website, you’ve definitely noticed that we’ve undergone a bit of a makeover. We figured, we’re offering the best custom hang tabs in the business, so why not create a site that really puts them on display? While we were at it, we made our site 100% mobile friendly and increased the width so that we could share some of the massive, high-detail images that we have of our products.