Custom Do-It Totem Opens Display Options For Klass Time LTD Drink Mixes

Klass Time 2-MRH

Klass Time was looking for an eye-catching method of displaying their On-The-Go drink mixes. Do-It Corporation provided a solution – a three-tier, 2-MRH totem display that is both attractive and easy to shop.
This custom designed totem allows twelve boxes of drink mix to be displayed at a time. In addition, the digitally printed, colorful graphics showcases the available flavors to customers. Shoppers can easily select a flavor or return the product to the totem in exchange for a different flavor.
Using two S-hooks, this lightweight, yet sturdy totem is designed to hang in high-traffic areas anywhere in the store.  This flexibility makes this in-store display easy to cross-merchandise. Store personnel can hang the On-The-Go drink mixes in the water or soft drink aisles, near checkout, or even in the sporting goods area. Each additional location gets the products noticed and encourages impulse sales.
Do-It’s MRH totem displays are shipped flat, are easily assembled, and can be quickly loaded and re-loaded.