Do-It Bottle Neck Coupon Helps Trinity Promote Their New Squeeze Juice Drinks

Trinity 2-DPM

Trinity Fruit Company is a year-round, vertically integrated fruit company and one of the premier shippers and packers of stone fruit and citrus in California’s Central Valley. They recently introduced two fresh, no-water-added juices to their diverse product line and decided to use a Do-It Bottle Neck Coupon to help kick o  the launch. Do-It Corporation produced two printed, durable, 2-DPM bottle neck hang tabs that securely hang around the necks of Trinity’s Pomegranate and Mandarin juice bottles. These digitally printed neck tabs reinforce Trinity’s “Squeezed Juice” brand and provide a simple, instantly redeemable coupon for their customers. Both of Do-It’s 2-DPM Style Bottle Neck Hang Tabs are digitally printed on both sides and designed to easily slip over the cap of the old “milk bottle” inspired 11 fluid ounce bottle — but also remain snug under the cap. The bottle neck hang tabs are made with 10 mil OPP XT film. This is an extra tear-resistant synthetic paper that is highly scuff, tear, moisture, UV, and extreme temperature resistant.This allows these bottle neck hang tabs to stay attractive and “fresh’ looking in any retail environment.

Trinity Case Study