A Do-It Bottle Neck Hang Tab Helps Ketel One Promote New Flavors

Ketel One 2-DFJ

Looking for interesting ways to promote some new flavors, Ketel One Vodka selected a bottle neck hang tab from Do-It Corporation to display a smaller, free sample bottle around the neck of their 1.75ml Ketel One Vodka. Do-It Corporation’s 2-DFJ Bottle Neck Hang Tab fits snuggly around the neck of the larger bottle and provides customers with a free 50ml sample of Ketel One’s Cucumber Mint or other vodka flavors. The bottle neck hang tab encloses the smaller sample bottle inside the box portion of the hang tab. The entire bottle neck hang tab is designed to then slip tightly over the neck of the larger bottle. The 50ml bottle rests securely in the box and the necker holds the sample tightly to the Ketel One bottle. The unique on-product promotion is easily noticed in the store and helps to distinguish Ketel One from other products in any busy liquor aisle.

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