Do-It Bottle Neck Hang Tab Offers Display Flexibility For Wine Away Stain Remover

Wine Away 2-BCR

Evergreen Labs was looking for a way to hang their 2 ounce, Wine Away, Red Wine Stain Remover. The solution from Do-It Corporation hangs the product and also provides an added bonus of working as an in-store billboard. Do-It Corporation’s 2-BCR, digitally printed bottle neck hang tab is primarily designed to easily attach to neck of the bottle and securely hang the product anywhere in the store. In addition, the bottle neck hang tab extends above the spray cap giving the product additional in-store promotional space. So, if store personnel decide to place the bottle on a shelf, the extended billboard area above the bottle will continue to provide information to customers and get noticed. The 2-BCR bottle neck hang tab was designed by Do-It Corporation to secure under the cap to tightly hold the bottle when hanging. One retail display solution — two in-store benefits for Wine Away.

Wine Away Case Study