Do-It Corporation Assists Johnnie Walker Promotion With Invisible Hanging Device

Johnnie Walker R-UBD

Do-It Corporation specializes in helping companies display their products in stores with secondary packaging solutions that don’t distract the customer from the main product. One of the most recent examples is an on-product promotion by Johnnie Walker Red Label. Johnnie Walker wanted to attach a customized, branded golf ball mark repair tool to its 750 ml Red Label Blended Scotch Whisky. Do-It Corporation’s R-UBD Bottle Neck Hang Tab was the ideal method of securely hanging the imprinted repair tool. The R-UBD is designed with two areas of adhesive. One area attaches securely to the golf tool. The second, round area of adhesive adheres to the top of the cap on the bottle. This solution accomplishes several important goals. First, this approach uses a minimal amount of packaging materials. In addition, the way the R-UBD hangs the promotional product next to the neck of the bottle allows Johnnie Walker to continue to use their existing master cartons for shipping. And finally the virtually invisible R-UBD does not distract the customers attention from the product or the promotion. In fact, this on-product promotional device helps to draw additional attention to the already attractive Johnny Walker Red Label bottle. A unique give-a-way plus a unique, invisible hanging device equals a successful promotion for Johnnie Walker Red Label.

Johnnie Walker