Do-It Hang Tab Helps Pristine Reduce Their Package’s Material and Give Their Water Cooler Cleaner a Sharp, New Look

Pristine Cooler 2-DFM

When JAB Distribution Incorporated was looking to upgrade the packaging for their Pristine H20K Water Cooler Cleaner they had two main goals: make the new package attractive and reduce the package’s footprint. Do-It’s 2-DFM Hang Tab Card accomplishes both. Do-It was able to replace the bulky clam shell package with a thinner, stronger 10 mil OPP XT Durable Film. This material is not only ideal for high quality digital printing it is also a sturdy material designed to remain attractive in the harshest retail display conditions. The card is printed on both sides — in two languages — in colors that carefully match Pristine’s brand image. The card has a ring that slips under the cap and a small strip of adhesive that helps secure the bottle to the card. With a more than 50% reduction in overall size and an 80% reduction material weight, Do-It was able to make JAB’s product pack- age more environmentally friendly while maintaining and even increasing in-store display flexibility. Two goals - two successes - with Do-It Corporation’s 2-DFM Hang Tab Card.

Pristine Cooler Case Study