Do-It Hang Tab Securely Hangs Clyra’s Bioclynse Wound Irrigation Solution

Clyra R-GEK

Hanging a 32 ounce bottle of wound irrigation solution requires a strong, sturdy method that Clyra Medical Technologies can count on, day after day. Do-It Corporation’s R-GEK, round hole, fold-up hang tab is the perfect hang tab for this important task. The R-GEK hang tab embodies many of the creative features of various Do-It Hang Tabs. With Do-It’s HangTite 203A Adhesive and 15 mil thick plastic, this hang tab is sturdy and strong enough to confidently hang Clyra’s 32 ounce bottle. The adhesive is also very compatible with the surface of the container – a key consideration for hanging. Though strong, the hang tab is also flexible enough to conform to the curved form of the bottle. The R-GEK is made with clear plastic so it doesn’t block any key product or usage information. As a “fold-up hang tab” the R-GEK hang tab remains folded down during shipping and storage and gets folded up only when the bottle is ready to be used and hung. In the serious industry of wound irrigation, Clyra can focus on their end users and have no concerns about the hanging performance of the Do-It R-GEK Hang Tab.

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