Do-It Printed Horizontal Merchandising Strip Helps Natural Balance Get Their Treats Front and Center

Natural Balance 2-MDH

When your pet snack treats are hustling to get noticed in the highly competitive pet products market you need every advantage available. Natural Balance selected Do-It Corporation’s 2-MDH Printed Merchandising Strip as another method of getting their Rewards Minis dog treats noticed in the 200 billion dollar* (and growing) pet product market.
The strip combines an attractive, digitally printed header area with a clear strip that has horizontal die cuts to securely hold the Rewards Minis containers. To create this strip Do-It Corporation applied a clear laminate to the clear 15 mil PET plastic just before digitally printing on the material. Do-It worked to carefully color match the strip with Natural Balance’s attractive product graphics.
The large printed header area and unique product presentation are designed to grab customers attention as they walk down the aisle.
Not only does this merchandising strip attractively provide a visually unique method of displaying these six products anywhere in a store it also works as a movable display that allows retailers to cross-merchandise Natural Balance Rewards Minis anywhere in the pet store — the pet treat aisle, near pet toys, or even at check-out.