Do-It’s Bottle Cap Flag Helps K-Seal Stand Out In Crowded Auto Repair Fluid Products Aisle

Do-It's R-UGH Bottle Cap Flag

Placed atop K-Seal’s Ultimate Head Gasket Repair, Do-It Corporation’s R-UGH Bottle Cap Flag brings attention to the product on a crowded store shelf.

The bright, on-product flag adheres to the cap of K-Seal’s bottle and hangs just above the bottle’s label. Unlike elastic based products, the flag position remains the same giving the overall display a clean, more uniform look. The proprietary adhesive used on the R-UGH provides strong adhesion yet easily peels off leaving no residue.

The bottle cap flag is digitally printed on a white, 4 mil OPP XT film – a synthetic paper made from a unique mixture of calcium carbonate and polypropylene resin. This material provides excellent printing performance with extra tear strength and weather resistant properties.

K-Seal Case Study

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