Stuckey’s Get Their Pecan Snacks Hanging With A Custom Display Strip From Do-It Corporation

Stuckey's 2-MFG

Getting your product out of a bin, or o  a shelf, and hanging on a display strip where customers see it can increase impulse sales of that product. Add a printed header to the strip and you also increase brand recognition for your product. By using a digitally printed 2-MFG merchandising display strip from Do-It Corporation, Stuckey’s understands the value of placing their products where customers will see them — and buy them. Of course, it helps if your product is a delicious pecan snack. Do-It’s 2-MFG Display Strip enhances Stuckey’s product visibility and reinforces the company's branding. The strip is designed and printed with Stuckey’s recognizable logo and colors, helping it stand out anywhere in the store. The strip was customized to hang eight, 4-ounce packages of pecan snacks. The digitally printed, full-color strip is essentially a movable display. This allows stores to cross-merchandise the pecan snacks in a variety of places like the snack food aisle, the beverage aisle, or at check-out. Getting your product noticed in the busy snack food aisle is key to succeeding in today’s competitive product categories. Stuckey’s recognized that even it’s well known products can benefit from display flexibility and brand reinforcement.